Services Overview


  • Regulatory Consulting: Application preparation for necessary acquisition of required permits from all regulatory agencies, to include permitting under Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act and Section 404 of the Clean Water Act; assure compliance with all other agencies with jurisdiction (other federal, state, county and local governing bodies);
  • Development permits coordination and acquisition with the City of San Diego, and other Southern CA government offices;
  • USACE coordination and correspondence; to include:  Resolution of Objections resulting from PN period, and any necessary environmental requirements pertaining to agency(s) review process (i.e. no-prudent alternative analysis reports in satisfaction of the CWA Section 404 (b) (1) guidelines).  Further prepare written correspondence as necessary, in satisfaction of the public interest review process with overlapping agencies (e.g., NMFS, USFWLS, SHPO, USEPA, CDFG, RWQCB, CCC, CSLC, PARKS; RE: NEPA, CEQA, CCA);
  • CADD Preparation of administratively complete permitting plans in public notice and other designated formats; modification of plans, permit transfers & extensions;
  • CADD:  Platting research/review and analysis for creation of ACAD dwg files and graphical depiction of platted region of concern;
  • CADD:  Lot fit analysis; provide graphic and tabulated determination of proposed building elements relative to setback and easements and present results in ACAD drawing file and/or pdf formats;
  • CADD; Site Plan Development:  Site plan preparation that meet minimum setback and easement limits;
  • CADD / Land Surveying:  Computation of Boundary Survey: platted or metes and bounds legal description computations; upload of coordinate file to surveyor’s field hand-held data collector or tablet;
  • QA/QC management (from project inception through Final Survey);
  • Project Management, Operations Management, Field Survey Supervision & Management, Implementation Logistics, Business Analysis and Operations Accounting Statistics and Recommendations;
  • CADD support for Civil Engineering and/or Land and Hydrographic Surveying firms (see BIM_C3D_CADD tab for further clarification).
  • Certified Hydrographic Surveying support to NOS-NOAA and U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers standards; to include support assistance to existing firms involved with dredging and/or bathymetric pre and post dredge surveys;
  • CADD:  General drafting presentation of various concept plans under consideration;
  • Provide technical support to Professional Land Surveyors for the preparation of FEMA Elevation Certificate within designated base flood regions;
  • Marina Design or modification of existing docking facilities to include appropriate coordination, application and plans, and preparation of no-prudent alternative analysis and coordination with all jurisdictional permitting agencies.  Follow-up includes all necessary written correspondence in order to acquire necessary permits;
  • Specialized Studies; include: Water Rights, Littoral Rights, Riparian Rights, and appropriate coordination and application submittal to all governing agencies in the states of California, Florida, and Michigan;
  • BIM software solutions in AutoCAD Civil 3D as necessary;
  • Traffic Control Plans and ROW Construction Plans;
  • Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs Plan) Plot Plan;
  • SWMP, WPCP, SWPPP/Erosion Control Plans;
  • Parking, Docking, and Vechicular Maneuvering Feasibility Studies;
  • CSWMP, MWPCP, SWRAC Checklists;
  • Other CADD, coordination and technical services as required.

Getting Started with JMNA Regulatory and Technical Sercices ...

A Detailed Summary of How The JMNA Consulting Process Works:

BACKGROUND:  Jerry M. Nahas and Associates (JMNA) is a firm that utilizes over 35 years of specialized technical experience of Jerry Nahas in the area of USACE, and overlapping Federal, State, and local government permits; to include a vast array of Regulatory Functions (e.g. USACE, NOAA, NOS, NMFS, NEPA) and ecological special studies. Experience includes: Regulatory Consulting and Permitting, Marine Construction Consulting, Public Works Civil Engineering, Land and Hydrographic Surveying, Civil 3D CADD and BIM, MBD Technology, Ecological, and Construction Compliance Services.  JMNA would utilize the skills of Business Associates as required to perform tasks requiring professional services in the various miscellaneous technical disciplines requiring licensing.

THE JMNA PROCESS:  When initiating a contract with JMNA, Jerry Nahas would meet on-site with the prospective client to provide the necessary preliminary assessment and consultation of the project under consideration. This consultation is not billable, unless stipulated by Jerry, or fees are waived when a services agreement is executed.  As part of this process, Jerry would assess the amount of work you want to do, and advise you whether your ideas are feasible.

Upon contract administration and acceptance,  JMNA would perform the required surveys and special studies which may include any of the following work elements: technical & legal documents research, boundary, topographic, hydrologic, hydrographic and water rights, littoral rights  or riparian line surveys.  This "ground truth" work would typically include specialized surveys and/or accurate GIS assessments of adjacent and/or adjoining water rights properties as well.  Thereafter, the resultant pre-existing CAD drawings would be compiled and presented in conjunction with a brainstorming site development concept plan, which would include drainage and cut/dredge and fill analysis, if applicable.

This plan will then be discussed and presented with a no-prudent alternative summary report, and upon your approval, JMNA will prepare final permitting CADD drawings defining the construction aspects of the final project layout submission documents. These plans will also present and bring forth an environmentally prudent but negotiable design relative to existing site conditions.  The final permitting plans would further present your property rights (both from a riparian law, water/littoral rights and land perspective).  If presenting a hardship and consequent need to expand water rights become necessary, a worthy application defining the surveyed metes and bounds would be prepared for submission to the CSLC and other overlapping jurisdiction agencies, including composition of hardship justification.  Thereafter, JMNA will submit the necessary administratively complete application and plans to the regulatory agencies.  Ultimately, every prudent effort will be made to acquire all Federal, state, and local governmental permits on behalf of the client.

To recap, JMNA starts by quantifying your job with any required research and surveys. Jerry Nahas then prepares a Conceptual CADD plan (Civil 3D) intended to brainstorm all relative issues pertaining to the proposed work.  Upon approval, final plans are prepared, and an administratively complete application is made to the appropriate permitting agencies.

JMNA would also put together a planning and construction sequencing and construction methodology which best fits your timing and construction cost budgeting circumstances, when specifically requested by client.

As such, JMNA provides turnkey services by virtue of performing all necessary survey work, layouts, coordination, permitting, and associated environmental requirements (i.e. soil testing, water quality testing (when applicable only) and provides together all specifications (if elected) to prepare the project for contractor selection through the bidding process.  JMNA also provides construction management services to assure your project is completed in compliance with all issued permits and construction standards, when specifically requested by client.

Please feel free to contact Jerry directly at 239-246-8930 to meet and to discuss your project in detail.

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